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Endesa League in Hungary

MADRID, November 24, 2011 EuropaPress

   Endesa League and the agency MP & Silva have reached an agreement whereby the television channel 'SportKlub' acquires the rights to broadcast the Spanish competition for the territory of Hungary during the 2011-12 season.

   'SportKlub' has acquired the rights to broadcast two matches per day, and the ACB International Zone magazine. But in addition, the channel will monitor special performances by the two Hungarian players who are active in the League currently Endesa: Adam Hanga (Assignia Manresa) and Peter Lorant (Lagun Aro GBC).

   The professional basketball for the first time come to Hungary, which are already 91 countries which broadcast the game. For the protagonists, the arrival of the League Endesa to his country brings an additional incentive to his Spanish experience.

   Hanga welcomes the agreement because "it is a great opportunity for the Hungarian basketball in general." "With Peter and me playing this year in one of the best leagues in the world, our countrymen can watch the games each week and follow through Sportklub. I'm happy for this deal," said the player Assignia Manresa.

   For its part, Lorant said the agreement "means a lot." "Initially, we are two Hungarians in the league all season, and so the family and friends can enjoy it. No doubt it will be positive because this way they will know better the competition. They know it's the best league, but still not familiar with the teams and players, "said power forward of Lagun Aro.

   During the 2011-12 season the ACB international broadcasts will reach a total of 91 countries on four continents. In Europe it is present in Bosnia, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Monaco, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey.

   While emissions in Latin America include the two major television markets: Brazil and Mexico. Emissions cover the entire Al Jazeera Middle East and North Africa, while Africa Setanta chain covers most sub-Saharan Africa. In regard to Asia, the CTA is issued in China, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam.

   International agreements of the CPF are operated through the intermediary of the agency MP & Silva, multinational company specializing in sports rights management with a strong position in the international audiovisual market.