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Ervin Laszlo, a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize to speak at El Hierro on 'The birth of a new world'

Ervin Laszlo, a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize to speak at El Hierro on 'The birth of a new world'
VALVERDE (El Hierro), 5 February 2013 (EuropaPress)
   Dr. Ervin Laszlo, philosopher, scientist and Nobel Prize nominee for Peace in 2004, on Thursday offered a talk entitled 'The birth of a new world, a new dawn of civilization', which will start at 20.00 hours the Plenary Hall of the Cabildo of El Hierro.
   Ervin Laszlo is representative of systems philosophy and general trend Teorgía and has been given the highest award of degree "honoris causa" in the United States, Canada, Finland and Ungheria.
   Laszlo is Professor of Philosophy, Science Systems and Future studies in different chairs between the U.S. and Europe. He was also founder and president of the Club of Budapest, president of WorldShift Network, founder of General Evolution Research Group, co-director of World Wisdom Council, a member of the World Academy of Philosophy of Science, senator and ambassador International Academy of Medicine Delphic International Concil.
   It was also the first president of the International Society for Sciences and directs Sistems international newspaper 'World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution'. Also worked as program director for the United Nations Institute for Education and Research and was director general of Unesco.
   In 2002 he was awarded the Peace Prize in Japan (Goi Award) and in 2005 won the International Prize for Peace Mandir Assisi (Italy). He was also a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.
   Ervin Laszlo is the author and coauthor of more than 70 books, translated into more than 20 languages and is curator of another 30 books, in addition to the four volumes of World Enyclopedia of Peace.
   In recent years, with special attention being devoted to issues relating to education, in particular, by Giordano Bruno Globalshift University, an online university is the rector.