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The Santander International Festival pays tribute to Angel Sanz-Briz known as 'The angel of Budapest'

The meeting 'In memory of a righteous man' will be a tribute to the figure of the Spanish diplomat on the centenary of his birth
The International Festival of Santander (FIS) pays tribute this week the Spanish diplomat Angel Sanz-Briz, known as 'The angel of Budapest' to a meeting, an exhibition and two concerts.
The meeting 'In memory of a righteous man "will take place this Wednesday at 19.00 in Room Greek Festival Hall and will be a tribute and a reminder of the figure Sanz Briz (Zaragoza 1910 - Rome 1980), the centenary of his birth.
The Spanish diplomat, who played his work at the Embassy of Spain in Budapest, managed to save over 5,000 Jews during the Holocaust, giving them Spanish passports.
Therefore, he was awarded the title "Righteous Among the Nations" by Yad Vashem Remembrance Authority Martyrs' and Heroes of the Holocaust, which gives this title to non-Jews who risked as volunteers to help persecuted Jews.
The match will be one of the sons of Sanz-Briz, Juan Carlos Sanz-Briz, Jaime Vandor, Holocaust survivor, saved by Sanz-Briz, and Federico Ysart, author of "Spain and the Jews during WWII .
The meeting will be free admission. The public may ask questions to the participants upon completion of their speaking turns.
Simultaneously, the Santander International Festival in collaboration with Casa de Madrid Sefard presents the exhibition "Visas for freedom. Spanish diplomats to the Holocaust, "a tribute to Sanz-Briz and other Spanish diplomats stationed in territories under German administration or government collaborators in occupied countries, which helped between 1939 and 1945 and on his own initiative, thousands of Jews persecuted by Nazism, praying for the victims before the German authorities and pressing local governments to enforce the Spanish consular protection for the Jews of Sephardic origin.
The exhibition can be seen in Queen Victoria Hall, Festival Hall from August 16 until August 26.
Further to this tribute, the festival has also scheduled two concerts devoted to Sephardic Music in the historical setting. The first will take place on Thursday, August 18, at 21.00 in the Church of San Juan de Colindres, and the second in the Church of St. Martin-Novales Cigüenza on 19 at the same time.