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Apartment in Budapest or Hotel in Budapest?

The difference between an apartment and a hotel can be up to 48 % savings on a trip , according to a study . Save renting APARTMENT BUDAPEST
MADRID , December 25, 2013 (EuropaPress ) -
   The stay in apartment rather than a hotel can save up to 48 % of the budget of a trip to cities like Paris, one of the favorite destinations for Spaniards to spend Christmas , according to research from Only-apartments .
   Among the favorite destinations of Spanish according to the study , the greatest economic difference between apartments and hotels are in Paris , followed by Lisbon (-29 % ), Roma (-16 %) and London ( 10%) .
   However, this study shows that in cities like Rome the need for all meals in a restaurant kitchen for lack of an apartment can get almost double the budget of your trip.
   On the other hand , other destinations such as Venice have a range of apartments to 32% cheaper than hotels, followed by Dubrovnik (-30 %) , Ljubljana (-29 % ), Budapest (-28 %) and Barcelona (-25 % ) .
In contrast , there are cities where the opposite happens , it costs more to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel . Thus, in Amsterdam, is 33% more expensive to rent an apartment to stay in a hotel.
   Krakow is 13% more expensive apartments in Milan by 7% and 6% in Dublin . In the case of Madrid , the price is very similar in hotels and apartments , but the fact of having a kitchen to make meals during the stay can be reduced up to 37% of a budget trip .
   The report also analyzes the costs in transportation in different cities. Thus, Stockholm is the most expensive city . Take a bus from the airport to the city center costs 22.75 euros.
   In the case of London and Paris , prices reach 16.5 euros and 14.07 euros respectively. By contrast, in Budapest only costs 1.7 euros.
   Regarding the possibility of acquiring a public transport ticket two days, Stockholm again the least economic city : 26.42 euros. Followed Paría (17.15 euros) and London ( 17.12 euros).
BUDAPEST also repeats still the cheapest with an average price of 4.98 euros.