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Hungarian Cardinal Péter Erdö have been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Navarra

Monsignor Javier Echevarria has chaired the event, which was attended by over 450 people, authorities and academics

   The painter Antonio Lopez, the Hungarian Cardinal Péter Erdö, and Professor of Law at the University of New York Joseph HH Weiler has been invested on Thursday honorary doctorates from the University of Navarra in a ceremony held at the Aula Magna of the center, which was attended by over 450 people, authorities and academics.

   The event, which was followed by another 370 people from different rooms in the Central Building of the University of Navarra, has been chaired by the Chancellor, Monsignor Javier Echevarria. Also attended by the Archbishop of Pamplona and Tudela bishop, Francisco Perez, the second vice president of Government of Navarra, Alvaro Miranda, the mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, and the chief prosecutor of Navarra, Javier Muñoz, among others.

   Antonio Lopez, Peter and Joseph H.H. Erdö Weiler, are 35 honorary doctors invested in this title, the highest award granted by universities and a distinction that recognizes the scientific and professional career of the recipient.

   Following the presentation of the sponsor and the granting of honorary titles, each doctor gave his speech. In the case of Antonio Lopez, was the artist Juan Jose Aquerreta in charge of reading his speech, as the painter could not be present in the act by a health problem.

   In his speech, Lopez has hinted to learning to paint and stressed that "is becoming a more turbulent and dark and, at a rate sometimes destabilizing and destructive."

   "For me, there are successful or not in my job, that unstable place I've always liked, because I feel in harmony with the impression that gives me life. In this space I have found ways to survive, people who have accompanied me and I have done better and a way of working that I have related well with the world, "he said.

   The artist noted that he began to paint in 13 years. "Now, with 75, I still maintain the need for fresh, pleasure to continue a task that includes me living spaces that meet only at work. I also like the rituals. Small, everyday and funny, and great" he assured.

   The painter Antonio Lopez Garcia, Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts (1985) and Velázquez Prize for Plastic Arts (2006), is one of the representatives of contemporary Spanish realism and one of the most sought after Spanish painters in the international art market .

   Meanwhile, after receiving an honorary degree, Cardinal Péter Hungarian Erdö delivered a speech in which he has toured the canonical expression of the primacy. In particular, said that "it is a constant and fundamental element of the Constitution of the Church, whose current legal issues is not diminished in any way as a result of Vatican II".

   The Cardinal Erdo is a leading figure of the Catholic Church, not only in Hungary but also in European society and the world. Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, primate of the Church in Hungary and Chairman of the Hungarian Episcopal Conference. He is chair of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences, and his 51 years he became the youngest cardinal of the College of Cardinals.

   Finally, Professor at the University of New York Joseph Weiler has referred in his speech to the relationship between law and holiness. According to the expert, "all believe that the rule of law in its broadest sense, the so-called rule of law, is a constitutive element of our paradigm of democratic values." However, he added, "can hardly see in it a spiritual value and find it difficult to understand how to crimp and even integrated into the idea of holiness."

   "The project of holiness is all-encompassing, covering all spheres of life. Sanctity up to the family, sanctity is in the rhythms of work, holiness affects the religious fidelity, holiness is in the rites, the sanctity is charity in everyday life, "he explained.

   Joseph Weiler is considered one of the foremost experts on the law of the European Union. In 2001 he joined the University of New York University Professor, academic rank reserved for those teachers docendi came all the powers of a campus. At the University of New York, directs the Jean Monnet Center for International and Regional Economic Law, Straus Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, and the Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization.

   On the other hand, in his speech, the Chancellor of the University of Navarra, Bishop Javier Echevarría, stated that the current is provided "weighty challenges." "The academic community should not turn in on itself: it would be a grave irresponsibility. He has to answer, however, the various challenges that are presented, enlivening the grounds of hope," he argued.

   As he stated, "only the wise approach to nature, society and the individual, the truth of his origin and his destiny, can provide a solid foundation for the education of new generations."

   "Respecting carefully freedom of students, teachers have to enter into personal dialogue with students, and among them, to expand cultural horizons and aim at overcoming many perplexities moral and rise before your eyes, in a social environment which is on the verge of losing all ethical substance, "he stated.