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Brussels earmarked 170 million rail link to Budapest Valencia and European motorways of the sea

The European Commission (EC) has published a call for projects to Europeans for a maximum of 170 million euros for Valencia-Budapest rail axis and European motorways of the sea in 2011.
The Director General of European Funds and Projects, John Viesca, stressed that this provision "is geared to the proposals from the Government and other agencies or entities of the Region, select the Commission to these priorities for action," reported the Consell in a statement.
Of the 170 million euros, a total of 100 million is for promoting this rail route that places the Comunitat "in a strategic position in Europe to develop the freight," he noted.
The director general of European Funds and Projects "from the European Union noted the axis-Budapest Valencia as one of the priorities for the transport of goods in Europe, we have been working to join forces and get funding in the infrastructure for the Region. "
These grants are linked to the European Community program TEN-T (Trans European Networks), the same program to subsidize, if necessary, an infrastructure such as the Mediterranean Corridor freight rail.
In this sense, the director general of Transport and Logistics, Carlos Eleno, said that "changes in global trade flows and the need to balance traffic between the ports of northern and southern Europe make it essential for Europe, Spain and our Region, including Mediterranean Corridor in the basic network of rail freight. "
Elena has indicated that these grants are a step in the development of a corridor that will contribute, in line with Strategy 2020 of the EU, increased competitiveness, reducing transport costs and improving travel times. At the same time has ensured that more jobs and social cohesion, and will enhance the economic recovery of southern Europe and provide greater environmental sustainability.
The remaining EUR 70 million are directed to priority project known as the Motorways of the Sea, which aims to increase the integration of different transport modes involved in those highways, such as terrestrial, marine and rail.
For Elena, the call for 2011 conducted for the European Transport Network can make "an important support for companies in the Region" since it is directed to projects with a very applied approach from the fields of exploitation of port facilities and rail links with their areas of influence to the development of innovative technological systems which increase efficiency and competitiveness of the Motorways of the Sea
Selected proposals must contribute to improving the efficiency of ports as points of entry and exit of goods by sea, "which ultimately affects more efficient transport for easy connection of our maritime ports with other European regions," explained Juan Viesca.