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FC Barcelona Nagy transferred to the Veszprém

FC Barcelona Nagy transferred to the Veszprém
BARCELONA, August 1, 2012 (EuropaPress)
    Intersport FC Barcelona announced Wednesday that it has finally pierced the side and so far the Veszprém captain Hungarian Laszlo Nagy, bringing the Magyar international returns to his country in an end to a 'soap opera' that has long months and has gone through many phases, the last being a club statement Blaugrana in assuring that the player stayed home.
    However, an improvement in the supply of Hungarian club, as the latter was unacceptable for Barca failing to reach a "minimum requirement" has rethought the decision to FC Barcelona, has finally agreed to disassociate Nagy last season he had signed contract.
    In early May, the head of the section, Enric Masip, Nagy announced the departure of the Veszprém "for money." "Nagy is communicated to technical and apparel (the progress of the team). It is permissible, but the club has done everything and more to keep him," said then the former player to the media.
    However, after more than two months, the group was unable to Hungarian economic data requested by the current champions Asobal, protected by the clause of three million euros, and at a press conference given by closed the issue by rejecting the latest offer by Nagy calling it "the world's best right."
    Finally, Nagy leave a ship captained by Blaugrana after arriving at the club with 19 years, but its low and is covered with the additions of Angel Montoro and  Eduardo Gurbindo will form part of the draft Xavi Pascual these upcoming seasons.