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Pelegri meets with representatives of Hungary to set sinergies

BARCELONA, March 29, 2012
The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Generalitat, Josep Maria Pelegri, met Thursday with the aggregate of Agriculture and Environment of the Hungarian Embassy in Spain, Judith Biesel, and the consul Commercial and Economic Affairs of the Consulate General of Hungary in Barcelona, György Erdos, to develop synergies between the two territories as part of Food 2012, which closed its doors Thursday.
At the meeting, have opted for partnerships to enhance trade between Spain and Hungary, where Catalonia is in third place.
The Minister has representatives serving the Hungarian Research Institute and Technology (IRTA) for the subjects of innovation, and Catalan Export Promoter (Prodeca) for synergies in the field of exports.
Pelegri has used the meeting to deliver the document to the positioning of Catalonia in the face of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and invited them to join.
In this regard, it reaffirmed a policy that allows regionalization and that suits Mediterranean agriculture.
Source: EuropaPress