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Hochtief, the German construction group ACS-controlled, has bought a 12.4% stake in Budapest Airport

Given the option of selling 25% of Hungary exercises aerodrome


Hochtief, the German construction group ACS-controlled, has bought a 12.4% stake in Budapest Airport, which has risen to 49.6% its stake in the airport, according to Europa Press confirmed to company sources .

Hochtief and other airport stakeholders must share the 25% stake in the state of Hungary was at the airfield and has decided to dispose of exercising a put option.

The total amount of the transaction amounted to 201 million dollars (about 138 million euros), which takes Hochtief participation is estimated at around $ 100 million (68 million euros).

As stated in the option of buying and selling, 25% of state-owned airfield in Hungary should be shared among the other members of the airfield at its current function.

In the case of Hochtief, will reinforce its current share in the airport just as he seeks to sell its stake in the airport and which is also in Athens, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Sydney and Tirana.

However, Hochtief same sources explained that the exercise of this option of buying and selling was already expected since in 2007 took this participation in the airport, which is also included in the documents, calculations and estimates made in the aforementioned operation sale of its portfolio of airports.

The German group in which ACS controls 43.1% of the capital just starting to sell these shares airport, a move that could amount to 1,600 million euros.

The divestiture, which is part of its strategy of selling non-strategic assets, has commissioned Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Deutsche Bank.

Airfields are a branch of Hochtief Concessions, a subsidiary of the German group in late 2009 gave up an attempt to go public. The Germanic firm expects to receive later this month of June offers some initial indicative of potential investors interested in these assets.