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Rafa Muñoz and De la Rocha in Budapest

BUDAPEST, Aug. 10 (EUROPA PRESS) - Rafa Muñoz from Córdoba confirmed its favoritism and new champion of Europe proclaimed the 50-meter butterfly, by imposing clear in the final of the European Budapest, on a day where Duane Da Rocha also starred by winning a bronze sweet 200m backstroke. The Andalusian particular took his revenge after what happened to their possible anti-doping rule violation and 'spoke' where you can do better in the pool, without giving concessions in his favorite distance, where is the current world record holder. Without the Serbian Milorad Cavic, large continental rival, in the Hungarian capital, Spanish was the clear favorite to hang the gold, but must not lose sight of Frederick Bousquet of the lineage of the French swimmers always competitive, booming in this event. The Cordoba had dominated the series and the semifinals, and started with the world best of 2010 (2315), achieved on the afternoon of Monday, all a warning to his rivals, who also failed to trouble him in the final. So, Rafa Muñoz took the gold, though he did not swim as fast as in the 'semis', signing a record of 23.17, enough to override some length Bousquet (23.41) and Russian Evgeny Korotyshkin (23.43). Thus, the swimmer Andalusian of Spain opened the award winners in the pool and finally climbs to the top of the podium of a major international event after scoring European silver and bronze medals in both 25-meter pool as 50, and the World Championships in Rome, where he won two bronzes in the 50 and 100 butterfly. Now, his goal will be on the 100, where he hopes to claw back some success. DA ROCHA, BRIGHT. But besides gold Muñoz, the Spanish delegation took another medal on the second day of the Europeans, thanks to a great Duane Da Rocha, who became a brilliant bronze in the final of the 200m backstroke. The Spanish started between the candidates to take one of the metals, having the best time of all classified and 2:10.56 in the final was slightly faster (2:10.47), enough to secure third place. The Malaga bronze stood sipping from half of the race, and hold that position known without undue burdens, while ahead, the favorite, Elizabeth Simmonds took the gold with 2:07.04 and ahead of his authority fellow Gemma Spofforth (2:08.25). There was not so lucky in the 100 backstroke, where Wildeboer Aschwin could not be in the fight for medals, settling for seventh place in the final, far from the gold, he left with the authority to Camille Lacourt French, who scored 52.11, a new European record, and 17 hundredths of a world record by American Aaron Peirsol. Catalan swimmer did not go to the continental event is your best form and although he returned to lower his best time of the year (54.38) and is fourth after the first 50 meters, could not defend their continental bronze two years ago or the World Cup Rome last summer. After Lacourt, unattainable, his compatriot Jeremy came Stravius, silver, and Britain's Liam Tancock, who was found with a bronze after being fished by the resignation of Austrian Markus Rogan. There was also bad news as the elimination of Marco Rivera, who after being brilliantly finalist in Rome in the 1,500 free, this time he could not succeed to break the tenth fastest time. For its part, the young Marina Garcia, junior still not reached the final in the 100 breaststroke, an objective that it was not possible for Alan Cabello in the 200m medley. For the rest of diamonds, Alexander Dale Oen of Norway was able to Hugo French and European record holder in the 100 breaststroke Duboscq, with the bronze to the Italian Fabio Scozzoli, while in the women's race, Sweden's Therese Alshammar took the in the 50 breaststroke title ahead of Denmark's Jeanette Ottesen and Melanie Henique French.