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Exhibition of photographs by André Kertész in Valencia


Photography Exhibition
MUVIM (Valencia)
From 28/10/2010 to 30/01/2011

The Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity (Muvim) exhibits the collection of photographs of the Hungarian André Kertész. The exhibition includes 100 photographs of the highlights of the photographer's work, which are grouped in the three most important scenes of the artist's life: Hungary, France and the United States.

The photographic world particular Kertész configure early, leaving his native Hungary and was making masterpieces that represent a singular view of the time.

Hungary, France and the U.S., preserve important records of the artist's work.

Kertész back to his native Hungary in the last period of his life, trying to catch the characters in the scenes of his childhood, which has not, because at the end of his long life, had lost friends of his youth.

So after this attempt failed, and at this late stage of his life makes us reflect and transmit the images captured by your camera with the time lived again, that different.