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Masaveu Group opens a hotel in Budapest, which will manage Iberostar

The building occupies a historic building that has been restored Asturian business entity alone

28.10.11 - 02:40 -
Masaveu Group today opened its first hotel in Budapest, in a move that will mean the entry into the urban hotel Iberostar Group specializing in leisure travel and luxury hotels in beach areas.
The president of the business empire Spaniard, Fernando Masaveu, was commissioned to preside over the opening of the new establishment, called the Grand Hotel Budapest, a property protected by the artistic heritage and located near the central square of La Libertad, near the U.S. embassy States.
Masaveu He stated, "has been a major commitment to transform this historic achieve dilapidated building in an excellent hotel", a wager for which the group pulled Masaveu 'own funds, without public subsidies. "
The group arrived in Hungary in 2004, convinced that the country "is a good business venture." The Grand Hotel Budapest is not only the ratification of his theory, but the Spaniard body is already working on a second building, which located in the district XIII, on a plot of 87,000 square meters.
Masaveu Fernando explained that for the moment, "is managing a multidisciplinary team, studying and evaluating possible actions to be reality as it is now the Grand Hotel."