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Elections to the European Parliament: Results in Hungary

Elections to the European Parliament: Results in Hungary

Orban 's Fidesz party achieves a majority in Hungary followed the far-right Jobbik

The Fidesz - Hungarian Civic Union of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban , party achieved a landslide victory in elections to the European Parliament, with 57.14 percent of the ballots , which means that will feature 12 of the 21 seats with which the country has in the body.
Based on the results published by the Hungarian electoral commission corresponding to 99.99 percent, the far-right party Movement for a Better Hungary ( Jobbik ) , has been in second place with 14.29 percent of the vote and three seats.
Third place went to the socialist party MSZP with 9.52 percent of the votes and two seats, while the Democratic Coalition has achieved 9.52 per cent and two seats.
The other parties that have achieved representation are Együtt -PM and the green party LMP , who got 4.76 percent of the ballots and a seat .

MADRID , May 26, 2014 - EUROPA PRESS