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Hungary issued photographic law limiting freedoms

Hungary issued photographic law limiting freedoms
The Economist America - 1:03 - 19/3/2014

Every country has legal guidelines to prevent abuse caused by a camera , as in the explicit case of invasion of privacy , but in Hungary such legislation was carried to the extreme, so much so that just issued a law that obliges photographers to have the consent of each person who appears in one shot.
This means that if a tourist decides to photograph your family while visiting the Chain Bridge in Budapest, should ask each resident , including those who barely contained very bottom . The problem is that the Hungarian government will not go into detail , so it is difficult to know whether to get approval just spoken or written document is required . Beyond the irony, that ambiguity is generating unease among independent photographers and news agencies who qualify regulation arbitrary and obstructive as Qore .
In particular , Ákos Stiller, a journalist who has worked for HVG , The New York Times and Bloomberg, says the new law is an imposition that complicate the news work arbitrarily. Example explains that the police may confiscate a camera during a social protest or political overtones , arguing that it is violating the civil code. "This bill puts a distance between the state and citizens. Visually repulsive and I find as a resident of Hungary , it seems absurd , " said Stiller , sure that this rule from a series of lawsuits will unleash senseless to cause of photographs allegedly invading the privacy of the population.