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BUDAPEST: First hotel in Europe controlled by the mobiles of its customers

It was inaugurated in Budapest, managed with the TMRW Hotels application

First hotel in Europe controlled by the mobiles of its customers

Its opening has involved two years of computer and construction development

Budapest is hosting the first hotel in Europe since Monday that can be controlled entirely from the smartphones of its customers thanks to the TMRW Hotels application, from the reservation to the departure of this 4-star hotel with 40 rooms. Its implementation has been carried out after two years of computer development and construction work and it is intended "offers travelers of the future an incomparable hotel experience", according to its promoters. This software solution can be used in other hotels, new or already in operation, and other types of establishments such as hostels or apartments.

The KViHotel (Key Vision, derived from the English expression 'Vision for the future') works practically without staff, with a maximum of 15 people on staff, thanks to the TMRW Hotels application, which allows guests to use virtually all services only with a push of a button: from booking rooms to check-in without waiting for lines until 48 hours before your arrival, with the possibility of choosing floor and room.

Through Bluetooth connection the phone is also the key to the room and, if arriving late at night, it is also the one that opens the main entrance to the hotel. It also helps you to control the temperature of the room for the moment of your arrival, even 10,000 kilometers away.

You can also request an additional cleaning service and even place the "Do Not Disturb" sign. The guest has the possibility to pay through the application or request a taxi, as well as to follow the payment process. The check-out is also done through the mobile phone, without waiting for queues, and the invoice can be paid with the help of the application. Payment by credit card (and soon by PayPal) is equally safe and convenient, and the invoice is automatically sent to the email address that has been provided.

For all these activities, guests can use the free broadband Wi-Fi network and get help with the use of the application in text and video format. Thanks to the application TMRW's virtual customer service is available 24 hours a day, regardless of where the customer is located. The hotel teleoperator service can be accessed by any platform (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, etc.), but the guest can also ask for advice or guidance with their telephone.

When required by local regulations, the application requests personal data, the scanned version of the passport or other identity document and the electronic signature of the client at the time of check-in, and stores this information automatically, in strict compliance with the applicable regulations on data protection.

Operating efficiency

TMRW simplifies and optimizes the tasks of cleaning and maintenance since it assigns the list of tasks to the floor maids in their telephones according to an algorithm, and it notifies when the guest is ready, that previously he has done the check-in.

Thanks to the reduced investment and operating costs, the hotel can be marketed at very competitive rates, in addition to offering a superior customer experience to other similar hotels, using fewer staff for more efficient operation.