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Hungary valued sign tax agreement in Europe. Viktor Orbán said that "Hungary is not Britain"

"Entering the euro is an obligation," Orbán said at a press conference, but said details are still "pending" for his country's entry to the Eurozone. Orbán said that his government "has no mandate" parliamentary countries join the euro zone, as are decisions that involve "a serious intrusion on national sovereignty" of the EU Member States.
"We must ask ourselves serious questions about whether we are honest and seek the approval of Brussels in important parts of our budget or transfer certain powers," he said. So in reality the ten EU member states retain their own currency, all but the United Kingdom said they will consult their parliaments whether or not to join the eurozone partners with the decisions of the Summit. "The EU is not a vehicle at a speed. If there has been a division into two is not created now, what happens is that now we have realized," said Hungarian Prime Minister.
Similarly, Hungary's Minister for Europe, Eniko Gyori told the BBC that his government is willing to sign the intergovernmental fiscal arrangement of the eurozone countries, leaving the UK as the only nation that discards plane.
Gyori said Parliament will be consulted on the matter and denied that his country was not ready to sign, as noted by early Friday French President Nicolas Sarkozy.