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Orban proclaims the victory of his party in the Hungarian elections

legislative elections
Orban proclaims the victory of his party in the Hungarian elections
BUDAPEST, April 7, 2014 ( Reuters / EP )
   Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban , has proclaimed the victory of his party , Fidesz - Hungarian Civic Union , in the legislative elections on Sunday and the only question now is whether the conservative training achieved a qualified two-thirds majority in Parliament .
  "There has been a curious victory. We've achieved so lopsided that the meaning of it can not grab tonight ," he said a jubilant Orban since Fidesz 's election headquarters .
   Orban stressed that the Hungarians have rejected your vote hatred and have said 'No' to leave the European Union. "They have confirmed that the place of Hungary are in the EU, but only if you have a strong national government," he argued.
   For the right-wing leader, the results confirm the Government's policy to create jobs, support families and fight for national sovereignty.
   With 81 percent of the vote and finished, Fidesz gets 45 percent , ahead of the leftist coalition unit ( 25.2 percent ) of the far-right Movement for a Better Hungary ( Jobbik , 21 percent) and Another Green Party Policy is Possible ( LMP , 5.03 percent).
   With these results, Fidesz achieved 133 of the 199 seats in Parliament and indeed the entry therein of LMP , would exceed the minimum 5 percent set by law, it is the only thing that threatens the qualified majority party Orban.
   In terms of participation, the Hungarian National Bureau of Elections has already reported the final data . 60.2 percent voted census , slightly below the 64.4 percent in the 2010 elections .