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CAF supply 37 trams is awarded to Budapest for 90 million euros

CAF supply 37 trams is awarded to Budapest for 90 million euros

MADRID , March 5, 2014
   CAF has been awarded the contract to manufacture and supply 37 trams for the city of Budapest in the amount of 90 million euros , according to the rail manufacturer .
   With this contract , the company strengthens its business in this country and in the European market , where it has supplied rail vehicles to cities like Rome , Stockholm , Belgrade, Tallinn or Birmingham.
   CAF also strengthens its portfolio of supply contracts pending , since beginning of the year has signed contracts without the latter , for a total of 86 million euros.
   Specifically , it has earned a contract extension with the Saudi Railway Compay to provide three locomotives and 17 additional cars to a previous order , with the supply of three additional trains for Rome Metro 21 million , three for the Medellin and four cars to Tallinn.
   As the project achieved now includes the supply of two types of trams , so that 25 vehicles will have a length of 34 meters long and the other , 56 meters Twelve.
   The contract is funded by the EU and is part of the investment plans and development currently undertaken by the Government of the country.
   CAF will supply vehicles to Budapest tram platform ' Urbos ' , composed of units of five and nine modules . In the latter case , they will become one of the world's longest trams .
   It is capable of bidirectional train serving a speed of 50 kilometers per hour and carry 326 and 562 passengers, respectively, according to their modules.
Source : EuropaPress