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The actor Francis Lorenzo becomes 'The Angel of Budapest'

MADRID, December 17, 2011
   The actor Francis Lorenzo evil will be the curator of the Red Eagle series to become the angel of Budapest, the TV movie premiere of 1 on Thursday and tells the story of Spanish who saved thousands of Jews during WWII World Cup.
   This production, directed by Luis Oliveros on a screenplay by Ángel Aranda Lamas, is based on the book of Spanish CarcedoUn Diego to the Holocaust mixes real events with fictional characters become.
   The angel of Budapest with the participation of Francis Lawrence, who plays the protagonist of the story, Angel Sanz Briz, while Anna Allen (Tell me how it happened, Defendants) is his wife on the screen.
   Meanwhile, Ana Fernandez (Solas, police in the heart of the street) gives life to Mrs. Tourné Jewish used the Spanish legation in Budapest, and Manuel de Blas (Remember when) is placed on the skin of a Spanish diplomat Miguel Angel Muguiro.
   In addition, the Italian actor Aldo Sebastianelli (One franc, 14 pesetas) recreates the figure of Giorgio Perlasca, an important collaborator in the work of Ángel Sanz Briz in Nazi-occupied Budapest.
   Budapest, 1944, a year before the end of the Second World War. In April, Adolf Eichmann is installed in the city and began the deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz. Only 56 days, 437,000 Jews were sent to extermination camps.
   Angel Sanz-Briz (Zaragoza 1910-Rome 1980) exercised then as charge d'affaires of the Spanish legation in Budapest. In the persecution of Hungarian Jews, Sanz Briz used all the resources he had available to them as representative of the Spanish state to save many lives he could.
   For this, the Aragonese diplomat issued thousands of protective letters guaranteeing immunity to their hosts, often mocking the German authorities and their partners in Hungary.
   Until December 1944, when ordered to leave their country Budapest, Angel Sanz-Briz managed to protect some 5,000 Jews. Since then, he is known as 'The Angel of Budapest'. In 1966, Angel Sanz-Briz was recognized by the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Israel as Righteous Among the Nations.

Source: OTR / PRESS