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Audi achieves record output of 25 million engines in Hungary

In 20 years
Audi achieves record output of 25 million engines in Hungary

INGOLSTADT ( GERMANY ) , 7 November 2013
   The German car manufacturer Audi , the Volkswagen Group has reached volume production record of 25 million engine factory in Györ (Hungary ) , the company said , noting that this plant is operational twenty years .
   Responsible for Production of Audi , Frank Dreves said the 25 millionth engine mounted in Györ underlines the " long history of success" of engine manufacturing in Hungary by the signing of the four rings.
   " Audi Hungaria has a strategic importance within the Audi Group . This subsidiary makes a great contribution to our growth strategy ," said the manager of the German carmaker .
   The corporation said the Györ plant has a workforce of 5,400 workers and noted that the production rate is more than 8,100 engines per day. The Audi engine offering consists of 235 different mechanical versions .
   For his part, the head Engine Manufacturing firm in Hungary , Achim Heinfling , stressed that the success of your business in this country is due to the quality engines, the commitment of the staff and the continuous technological progress.
   The manufacture of propellants in this center began in 1993 and since 2001 the corporation also assembles cars in this factory . The forecast of the company is to manufacture 125,000 cars a year at the plant in Györ .
Source: EuropaPress