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The springs in Hungary. Is privileged in hot springs. Water is a source of health for its citizens and tourists

The Danube, the second longest river in Europe and which pool the water as it enters the heart of Hungary, rides his majestic by beach resorts and the most beautiful cities in the world, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage, are part one of the main tourist attractions of this European country.

Its heritage and springs of medicinal mineral waters is considered one of the most important in Europe and although it is landlocked, water is a source of health for its citizens and tourists.
There are large lakes, such as Balaton - the largest in Central and Western Europe, the Velence, Tisza and Ferté, mighty rivers like the Danube and Tisza and dozens of other rivers that cross the country in all directions.
These hot springs are an asset of incalculable value, since a large part of Hungarian territory, and particularly its capital Budapest, stored in the subsoil subject genuine medicinal mineral waters.

Budapest, also known as "the Paris of the East" is the only city in the world with over 130 mineral water springs with medicinal curative effects. These very hot thermal springs are one of the attractions of the Hungarian capital, highlighting its architecture thermal influence of Roman culture and the Ottoman style, with copper domes, beautiful mosaics and the characteristic crescent finish on top .

Hungarians go to their spas to treat rheumatism, stomach, intestinal, gynecological, cardiac, skin or bones. But others do it more as a social act, following an ancient tradition that allows them to join your friends, family, sports or just spending time at their beautiful waters.

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