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Andalucia Government supports the promotion of Andalusian horticultural companies in Hungary

Andalucia Government supports the promotion of Andalusian horticultural companies in the Czech Republic and Hungary
SEVILLA, June 10, 2014
   The Promotion Agency of Andalusia (Extenda), under the Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Job entity, has organized a special scheme for the horticultural sector in the Czech Republic and Hungary, where two Andalusian companies involved. This activity, which began on Tuesday and ends on Friday, has the support of the antennas Extenda in Prague and Budapest.
   This initiative to promote horticulture aims to promote the presence of the Andalusian brands in these markets and establish contacts between importers and distributors of the sector.
   During the meeting will be conducted bilateral encounters between importers and Andalusian companies. They will meet in the first place, in Prague (Czech Republic) and moved to Budapest (Hungary), where he will continue the agenda of activities planned for this occasion. Also taking place on both visits cities outlets reference.
   The two participants Andalusian companies come from the provinces of Granada (Agrocastell) and Almería (Group Yes), says the Regional Government in a note.
   According to data from Extenda, the Andalusian companies of horticulture products exported to the Czech Republic in the amount of 49.9 million euros in 2013, representing an increase of 3.9 percent over the previous year.
   This growth has continued during the first quarter of 2014, which has achieved a turnover of 17.7 million, 8.7 percent more than in the same period of 2013. Thus Andalusia continues as second export community of horticultural products to this country.
   Almería in 2013 was the main exporting province such products to the Czech Republic with 32.2 million euros (64.6% of total), also grow by 20.3 percent over 2012. Followers Huelva, with 5.1 million (10.2%); Granada, with 4.7 million (9.4%) and Sevilla, with 3.8 million (7.6%).
   For products highlighted vegetables and fresh vegetables, with 35 million euros (70.1%); other fresh fruit followed with 6.8 million (13.7%) and table olives and olive mill, with 5.9 million (11.9%).
   The importance of this market to Andalusian companies lies, on the one hand, in its predominantly industrial, with very little local agricultural production, and its geographical location, through which has got erected, to some extent, as a logistics center from which is re-exported to neighboring countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Romania. The Spanish and Andalusian products enjoy very good reputation in the market, especially citrus fruits, peppers, tomatoes or cucumbers.
   Moreover, exports to Hungary Andalusian horticultural products in 2013 totaled 6.7 million euros, 2.4 percent more than in 2012. During the first quarter of 2014, sales of these products to the Hungarian nation have experienced significant growth to reach 4.7 billion, representing almost triple the figure for the same period last year (+186%), and placed as a second export community so far this year.
   In the case of Hungary, was also the first exporter Almería province of horticultural products in 2013, with 2.3 million (34.5%). Followers Sevilla, with 2.2 million (33.1%); and Huelva, with 1.2 million (18.2%).
   The main products exported to Hungary in 2013 were vegetables and fresh vegetables, with 2.3 million (35%); seeds, with 1.8 million (27.6%); and table olives and olive press, with one million euros (15.1%). Among the vegetables, the best sellers are cucumbers and gherkins, tomatoes and lettuce.

Source: EuropaPress