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Janos Ader, an ally of Prime Minister Orban, will be president of Hungary

Janos Ader, an ally of Prime Minister Orban, will be president of Hungary
Budapest, 16/04/2012
The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban conservative, appointed Monday Janos Ader, founder of his party Fidesz, the new President of the Republic, to be confirmed by Parliament, announced the formation ruler.
"At the meeting of the group (parliament) on Monday afternoon, Viktor Orban nominated its candidate for the office of President of the Republic: Janos Ader," said Fidesz group leader in the chamber, Janos Lazar, told reporters .
"Ader is a person giving security and predictability," Lazar said, noting that Orban has the full support of the members of Fidesz.
Janos Ader's appointment must be voted in Parliament on 2 May. The result is true for sure, since Fidesz has a two-thirds majority in the chamber.
"The new president will also have to work to consolidate the new constitution," said Lazar.
The Hungarian Constitution, which came into force on 1 January, was widely criticized at home and in Europe by giving Orban great power over the press, the judiciary and the central bank.
The new head of state happen to Pal Schmitt, who resigned April 2 after being accused of plagiarizing his doctoral dissertation, defended in 1992.
Janos Ader, 52, is currently MEP, and is considered a confidant of the prime minister of Hungary.
Source: AFP