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Hamilton (McLaren): "I proved that I can still fight for the title"

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Hamilton (McLaren): "I proved that I can still fight for the title"
MADRID, 29 Jul. (IRIN) -
   The Formula 1 British driver Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) spoke after victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix, which was played on Sunday at the Hungaroring circuit, and said "still" alive in the fight "for the title ".
   "This weekend I proved that I have a lot to say this season, I can still fight for it. The difference in points with Alonso still important but if we keep doing races like Hungary, I think we can catch him in the classification "said Hamilton.

this vein, the British said that to achieve the Spaniard in the standings, there are still some improvements to make in his McLaren. "We need to be consistent on the track and improve the car in many areas, something that I think will succeed. The team is doing a fantastic job, just look at the spectacular start I've done this Sunday," he said.
   In addition, one of the great successes of the McLaren team in this Hungaroring circuit stops were, as Hamilton himself has emphasized. "The first 'pit stop' has been spectacular, but the latter has been very, very fast," he said.
   "We had a small problem in the first stop but fortunately did not lose much time. In the second we have been fantastic," said the pilot.
   In addition, Hamilton considered very important vacation leave feelings of a great victory. "I think it's very positive that having the victory before the break. It is very important to handle well this summer holiday because we still have much work ahead. Just hope we can keep around this great race pace, or even more" he said.
   In the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton has managed to overcome and impose one of his idols, the veteran Finn Kimi Raikkonen. "I feel a lot of respect and admiration for Kimi. I remember seeing him on TV before I even drove a Formula 1 car," he said.
   "When I played with the computer, I always asked Raikkonen. Think I could enjoy the great race track with him is amazing. Hopefully we can live more in the future," continued the pilot.
   Furthermore, when asked about persistent rumors about his private life, Hamilton was blunt. "It seems there are always plenty of things to talk about my private life. Fortunately, this victory answers all these stories have been told about me," he said.
   "I've never been so committed to the team as now. But obviously, I enjoy my youth until age thirty, I have said that from there it's all downhill. I think I found the balance in the balance "said the Briton.
   Finally, Hamilton said that this victory is also very special to occur while the Olympic Games taking place in their home country. "Winning this Sunday is also very special to me because it coincided with the London Olympics. Although I did not participate, I think I made my contribution to my country with this victory," he said.
   "The other day I was watching the opening ceremony and found it spectacular. I think it is a very important event for Britain and I am very proud of my country, so I took the flag on my helmet for this event," concluded pilot.