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Orban asked the Hungarians in the diaspora to participate in the 2014 elections

Orban asked the Hungarians in the diaspora to participate in the 2014 elections

BUDAPEST, November 7, 2013
   Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Wednesday made an appeal to the Hungarians in the diaspora to exercise their right to vote in the next general election , scheduled for 2014 , after the government has given approval for the first time can participate in the elections .
   " I would like to ask you to vote and encourage you as you participate in the next elections," Orban said in a speech to several representatives of the diaspora in Parliament.
   " It is our shared responsibility not to waste all the successes and opportunities we have created for the Hungarian nation through hard work over the past three years ," he added .
   " I count on your support , as you can count on the support of the Government and my staff," has riveted . For now, the National Electoral Commission has registered only 50,000 Hungarian inscriptions claim diaspora to vote in elections.
   Several million descendants of Hungarians living in Romania , Serbia and Ukraine , as well as other neighboring countries, after the country's borders were redrawn after the end of World War Munsial .
   Following approval of a change in the rules of citizenship promoted by the Conservative Party Orban 's Fidesz , around half a million Hungarian diaspora members have applied for citizenship .
   Orban came to power in 2010 with a two-thirds majority of Parliament, which enabled his party to amend the constitution and laws of the country the main and follow unorthodox fiscal policies , which has drawn criticism from the Union European .
Source : Reuters / EP