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Hungary, guest of Muces, which will screen 96 films from 31 countries and will include a section on The Beatles

Hungary, guest of Muces, which will screen 96 films from 31 countries and will include a section on The Beatles

The European Film Festival City of Segovia (Muces) will host from 14 to 20 November, a total of 142 screenings of 96 films belonging to 31 countries but within the Official Section of the festival, now in its seventh year, will be visible 44 films according to data provided by the mayor, Pedro Arahuetes, during the presentation in Madrid, at the headquarters of the Hungarian Embassy.
Among the films in the Official Selection are the last of Kaurismaki 'Roar North'; 'Amour', winner at Cannes, 'At home' Golden Shell at San Sebastian, 'Holy Motors', best film at Sitges;' Mushrooming ', nominated for an Oscar for best film extrajero and' Cesare should morire 'Golden Bear at the Berlinale.
Muces be part of the sections 'Unheard', with six films not commercially released in Spain, 'Look necessary', with four films "can not forget"; 'Documentary Film', with eight films with unique and innovative achievements , 'Filmed in Segovia', 'Other projections' and 'One of ours', with seven proposals with a difficult and limited distribution but recognized in other festivals.
Also, new this year, has created the 'Pepperlan. The Beatles in film 'new space on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Liverpool band and where will screen five films made between 1964 and 1970.
Hungarian film
The presentation of this festival was held in the Embassy of Hungary because as each year Muces a retrospective devoted to the cinema of a European country, this year specifically to Hungarian cinema, with a screening of eight films to which we to add four different sections.
Furthermore, in this seventh edition of Muces honored filmmaker in Film Gala, which will take place on November 17, will be the Spanish Iciar Bollain,
Furthermore, Section Officer will Muces Lux Prize, the European Parliament Film award at the deputies reward films that illustrate the universality of human rights and diversity of European culture, and that has scheduled a debate on European cinema to be issued by RNE.
The festival audience will vote among the three finalists for the LUX Prize films, 'What solno li' by Andrea Segre, 'Just the wind', Bence Fliegauf and 'Taboo' by Miguel Gomes.
On the other hand, offer a parallel programming Muces as two conferences, one on the current Hungarian film, by the director of the National Film Fund, Clara Farkas, plus they are able to hear the writer Miguel Olid to analyze Figure one of the pioneers of Spanish cinema, Eduardo García Maroto.
It has also scheduled a debate on the situation of Spanish Sahara after which screened the documentary 'Children of the clouds' and 'The teacher Saharawi' plus you may see the exhibitions 'twentieth century Hungarian Filmmakers' in the room of The Corn Exchange, from day 13, and an exhibition of film posters and literature that already saw in the last edition of Muces but due to the success of repeats.
Nor will miss the music, with two concerts, as well as for smaller organized 'Small children's film studio' with 16 workshops for children Mapfre Foundation.